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Shawangunk Springs

Over the vast course of time, nearly every molecule of water can claim, at one time or another, to have been nearly everything - the green pulse in a tree leaf, a drop of sea spray, a cloud. But not every drop of water circulating on Earth today can claim such forgotten purity as the water collected from the pristine Shawangunk Springs.

Prestige Water Service brings you spring water from the wild preserves of Shawangunk Ridge in Ulster Country, New York. Percolated through a layer of mineral-rich sandstone and trapped in the 270-million year old bedrock beneath the Appalachian Mountains, Prestige Spring Water preserves the purity and freshness of the frozen glacial water that carved and irrigated the region in its infancy. And while not all spring water remains unsullied from the effects of industrial run-off and ground pollution, Shawangunk Springs sits high in the middle of over 14,000 square acres of federally preserved land. This is spring water at America's best.

Prestige Spring Water is proud to bring you the fruit of eons of patient, gigantic effort beneath the mountains - a veritable diamond, a treasure from our source to you.